An awesome article on The Harbus

An awesome article on The Harbus

This article is really a great read. It shatters so many assumptions we have about HBS and its people.

I have always dreamed of attending Harvard Business School and I must say that reading this article on The Harbus was one of the best investments of time I have ever made. It taught me that people at HBS are just as scared as everyone else even after they have graduated with a degree in business from this oh-so-elite university in the world.

The other thing was that there is no real profile of an HBS student. I guess the saying that people come here from all walks of life holds true. One of the lines that really stuck with me from this article was how a person who was sitting next to the author in class at HBS had actually overcome ordeals and other big time barriers.  

Additionally, a lot of successful people at HBS have actually been candid about what they fear the most and their failures in life.

I know that peoples’ opinions and thinking constantly change as they get older, but reading this on The Harbus has had such a profound impact on my thoughts and opinions that it is quite impressive.

I encourage you again to invest the time in reading this as it will help you prepare any app to HBS that you may want to send. While you’re at it, read the related articles as well to get a better sense of what life at HBS is really like. I am sure enjoying the Harbus and even the posts I have made on this blog!