Harvard MBAs and homeless kids making it to elite institutions

Harvard MBAs and homeless kids making it to elite institutions

This was some mind blowing material.

With all the stories of disruptions and high school dropout rates that have become so commonplace these days, there are also those that seize the moment and aspire to be great. By doing so, they inspire others like me to do likewise. It is really with tremendous pleasure that I share this rousing article that I came across which jerks a tear as well.

These are all very resilient kids and did not let the unfortunate things that happened to them define their future. Your future is not set in stone and it can be changed according to how you envision it. Sometimes the struggle is necessary for you to appreciate the joy and accomplishment that inevitably arrives when you have confronted the pain.

Being homeless did not deter David Boone and he managed to work at Lockheed Martin and Rockwell Automation plant during high school after he got a place to stay. In addition, he made full use of his opportunities and took classes at Cleveland State University in calculus-based physics and differential equations to prepare for his major in electrical engineering and computer science at Harvard.

In other news on the Harvard report, we have a mega success story of a Harvard MBA who had a pretty great upbringing attending the Milton Academy in Massachusetts for high school which is a feeder school for Harvard University and then Dartmouth University for her undergraduate degree.

Dune Thorne has spent a lot of time researching about how women make investment and financial decisions and she will use this expertise when she goes from a $3Bn Boston RIA to a $29Bn Baltimore one.