How you can be Mark Zuckerberg

How you can be Mark Zuckerberg

The idea is not enough.

Having an idea is great, but many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that it is the execution that matters. And in order to execute really well you will need to have knowledge. Innovation and knowledge are two of the necessary things.

Being a great innovator usually comes from certain experiences that you have had and also the ability to see things differently. As for knowledge, I think this can be built by reading a few good business books and also looking at profiles of successful venture capitalists and innovators and reading about what they have been doing.

So I was talking about venture capitalists and this brings me to what I have wanted to stress on right here. Go to this Wikipedia post on venture capital and try to read and reread this a few times. It is vital that you try to learn as much as you can about this area as this will make the difference between your idea being just another one or turning into the next ‘big thing.’

To be a great innovator does not always mean that you need great technical skills. It helps to go and take a few programming courses in college so that you can get used to that line of thinking and also be able to manage people that are in that line of work.

For most people, trying to be Zuckerberg may not be that easy as he was already very well educated even though he was young going to the Philips Exeter Academy for high school before enrolling at Harvard for computer science. The point is these kids are great at making money and if you look at the profiles of some of the other Facebook co-founders like Eduardo Saverin who was a savvy investor as well.