President Obama's 'Regulatory Czar' to get back to Harvard Law School

President Obama's 'Regulatory Czar' to get back to Harvard Law School

Cass Sunstein was one of the top advisors in the Obama administration

Cass Sunstein is widely known as the regulatory czar and held an illustrious position as head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs for a period of three years. The regulatory czar had been lauded by not only Democrats but Republicans as well who saw him as responsible for reducing the financial burden that a lot of government regulations impose. Even business leaders were highly appreciative of the work that Sunstein did.

President Obama met Sunstein when they were part of the faculty at the Law School of the University of Chicago. As much as many applauded Sunstein's efforts in implementing creative solutions to the issue of public policy, there were many of those people who disagreed with his cost cutting efforts. For instance, the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has run many contradictory ads that attack the Obama administration for creating policies that kill jobs and cost the United States economy billions of dollars.

I guess there will always be those that will applaud and criticize you, but Harvard Law School will be happy to welcome Cass Sunstein back. Harvard will benefit greatly from this man who has experimented with policies and regulations. He brings a world of expertise for students to learn a lot from!

It is the reason why Harvard is such a great university because it counts among its alumni such big names that have proved to be movers and shakers in the world whether it be law or government or business. It is two Harvard alum that are contesting the presidential elections too!