Biggest Fears of College Students

Biggest Fears of College Students

College is a whole new ball game. It means leaving your parent’s home to share a room with a roommate or roommates that you do not even know. To some it can even mean being miles away from your family as well as only getting to see your family on holidays. Basically, the lives that you have grown accustom to is changed in the blink of an eye. But, these things are just minor when it comes to the big fears that college students have.

·         Finding a Job after College: As it becomes closer for college students to graduate they become worried as to if they will be able to find a job. Many students know how hard it was for them to land their part time gigs. So, they know trying to establish a career is going to be even tougher.

·         Fitting in: For students who were not that popular in high school their biggest fear is fitting in. They know that college is a place to kind of start fresh so they wonder if they have what it takes to become socially active in their new environment.

·         Having the money to pay for college: If a student was unable to receive a scholarship and they have to pay out of pocket they wonder will they be able to afford their degree. If their parents are paying for their degree they then are faced with wondering what will happen if there parent dies.

·         Deciding what to major in: Many students start off not knowing what they want to be in life. So, one of their biggest worries is making the wrong mistake as to what they want to be in life or not being able to decide upon a career.